Why Orphanos?

Why choose Orphanos? Expertise, quality, adaptability, and timelines.

Rare Disease Expertise

Our experienced team understands the unique complexities that typically accompany global orphan drug trials. Orphanos takes a strategic approach early in the set-up phase to design a strategy that is customized for the needs of your trial. We work with our diverse site network and patient advocacy groups to ensure the right sites are chosen and your study timelines are met.


At Orphanos, we do exactly what we say we do. How do we know that? We employ an expert quality team and a quality management strategy that covers every aspect of operations, from data management to human resources. Whether we’re processing an SAE or making a copy, we’re following stringent quality guidelines for the best possible output.



We think and function like a pharmaceutical company, which translates directly into the ability to respond to the changing requirements of the study without time-consuming CRO bureaucracy and delayed deliverables. Prior to joining Orphanos, the core personnel has had extensive experience with CROs while working within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so we know exactly what our clients want from us and achieve it through unprecedented adaptability.


Orphanos sets and meets aggressive timelines to include:

  • Protocol finalized to first patient enrolled < 60 days
  • Final patient enrolled to database lock </= 28 days
  • Database lock to topline data – 10 days average
  • Database lock to final CSR < 60 days

Your Orphanos project team is committed to meeting the timelines established through proactivity and adaptability throughout the project.